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Non-Surgical Face Lift Kit (includes 3 items)
Cat No: SC-02

Non-Surgical Face Lift Kit includes three items:
  • Pre Lift Cleanser/Moisturizer Youthful Images: Now for the first time, we have a combination of Cleanser and Moisturizer in one bottle to make the skin smooth and supple. Used to cleanse, reaply before lift application and after. $36.30
  • Lift Powder: A blend of organic powders and botanical extracts that when mixed with Aloe Vera Lift Activator, it creates the famous Non-Surgical Face Lift. $48.40
  • Lift Activator: This Aloe Vera Liquid must be mixed with the Lift Powder to lift, tighten, tone and soften lines and wrinkles. $22.90

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