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Pre-mixed Non-Surgical Face Lift Kit (2 items)
Cat No: SC-01

The Face Lift is the finest facial and skin care program that has ever been presented in one package! The Lift is not a masque and requires no surgery. It contains no abrasive alcohol, waxes, harsh chemicals, astringents, detergents or fillers. The Lift is a remarkable blend of Aloe Vera organic gel alone with beneficial herbs, collagen, elastin and pure silk proteins. To look 5 to 10 years younger, use twice a week for first three weeks then once a week to maintain and achieve desired results. You will see visible results after just one application. Happy Reflections, the ease and convenience of having a face lift in a bottle, making skin firmer while minimizing pores and wrinkles, formulated with natural organics. Cleanser/Moisturizer: Youthful Images is a combination of cleanser and moisturizer in one bottle to make the skin moist, smooth and supple. Used to cleanse, reapply to use before the lift application and after.

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